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Take advantage of Our Hyundai leasing and new car PURCHASE BOOST-UP PROGRAM 

Looking for the best lease deals or new car purchase incentives? Then check out our BoostUp program. This amazing offer is available when you lease or buy a new Hyundai vehicle. We are partnering up with BoostUp to provide you one of the best Hyundai leasing specials ever!!! Its a down payment matching incentive on new car purchases or leases. You can use this new car special incentive offer when you purchase, or lease, a new Hyundai vehicle. is a social savings website where consumers can save money to be used for a down payment on a vehicle purchase the down payment can come from your own funds, or money you are gifted from family and friends. Hyundai will match dollar for dollar up to $500 for a customer that purchases or leases a new Hyundai using their Boost-Up account funds as a down payment. Got $10? Put it in your account, and we'll match it. Got $100? We'll match that too. Whatever you got, up to $500, we'll match it. You'll have a $1,000 and be able to take advantage of  before you know it.

Getting started on this new car incentive is very simple. Sign up for a account and start saving. Once you're ready to purchase a brand-new Hyundai, use your savings from BoostUp towards the down payment and we'll match it up to $500. This is one of the most amazing Hyundai auto leasing specials ever, so make sure you take advantage of it. All you need to do is to follow the steps on your BoostUp account to create a certificate and visit your local Hyundai dealer. Or just fill the form to the right and we will contact you, so you can take advantage of one of the best lease deals or new car incentives ever!!

Customers must have a BoostUp account that has been opened for at least 30 days before they can take advantage of a new Hyundai car leasing special or purchase with their BoostUp funds. BoostUp account can be used again 30 days after your last purchase, cannot be applied to multiple purchases on the same day. BoostUp account is not transferable, must be used by the account holder. Offer is valid through January 2, 2017. So, don't miss out on one of the best car lease deals or new care purchasing incentives around!

Customers must purchase an eligible new Hyundai vehicle from a participating Hyundai dealership during the program period. Eligible vehicles include new select 2015, 2016 and 2017 model-year Hyundai vehicles.
Customers must use the funds from their BoostUp account towards the purchase or lease of an eligible new Hyundai vehicle. Hyundai will offer a dollar-to-dollar special matching incentive up to $500. Incentive must be used as down payment assistance towards the purchase or lease of the eligible new Hyundai vehicle. New Hyundai vehicle must be delivered from dealer stock.

Customers who do not have a Boost Up account for 30 days prior to purchase. Customers who do not use the funds from their BoostUp account to purchase or lease the eligible new Hyundai vehicle. Employees of HMA, HMMA, HCA, or Dealership Employees participating in Hyundai Circle Plan E or Plan Z.

This offer is only available until January, 2, 2017, so don't miss out on one of the best Hyundai car leasing deals or new car incentive offers ever!!!!. Fill out the form to the right, and start your account today.

Boost-Up Program

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